Logo Usage

Logo Usage and Fundraising

All logos of the AMHA, TJS, TRS, AMHL, and professional Stars organizations are PRIVATE PROPERTY and cannot be used for ANY purpose without written approval.

This includes, but not limited to, ALL FUNDRAISING EFFORTS. We highly encourage individual or team efforts to reduce the burden of hockey costs. However any use of the logos require PERMISSION.

The AMHA is a non-profit organization and should a tax exemption be required, we can take donations or serve as an intermediary. Note that per tax law, all non-profits must retain some portion of any direct donation to the organization so that it does not turn into a pass through tax loophole. The AMHA will retain 15% of all donations and apply those funds towards operating costs, scholarships, or fee reduction at our sole discretion.

If you would like to request approval for logo usage please send an email to Ryan McMahon at president@austinmetrohockey.org with the logo you wish to use and the reason you would like to use it.

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