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Youth Programs Overview

New to Hockey? Start Here!

There are two ways to try out hockey, both at no cost:  

Try Hockey for Free Programs at our local rinks: 

Chaparral Ice at Northcross offers a "Try Hockey Skating for Free" class once a month.   Email Emily Schalchlin for more details:

Crossover Ice and Field has a Try Hockey for Free Classes.  Reach out to Jeff Heinzer at  The next one is on April 27th - Register at the link below:

Austin Future Stars Program:  Austin Future Stars is a trial Hockey Skating Class which is meant to be an introduction to the sport of hockey for all ages.  Information and registration below.  

Progression through Austin Hockey Programs

The programs below are a progression from beginner hockey all the way through competitive travel hockey.  The progression goes from top to bottom.  

Learn to Skate

Learn to Skate is the next step after Austin Future Stars.  This is required before moving onto the next step, Learn to Play. Two locations.

Austin Chaparral Ice Hockey Learn to Skate program:

Leander/Cedar Park Crossover Ice and Field Hockey Learn to Skate program:



Learn to Play

Once a player goes through the Learn to Skate program, they're ready to move onto Learn to Play.  It is here where they start to use hockey equipment and learn more about the game.  

Chaparral Ice Learn to Play program:

Leander/Cedar Park Crossover Ice and Field Hockey Learn to Skate program:

They'll need Full Gear.  Helmet, Gloves, Shin Guards, Breezers, Elbow Pads, Socks, Jersey, Skates.   The Sean Tallaire Gear Program provides a full set of loaner gear for players just starting out.  Email for more details.

Used gear is also available at the rinks. Email the youth hockey directors for more information. 

Development Program

Players who have finished Learn to Play but aren't ready to take the next step to the Texas Rising Stars house league can participate in the Development League.  Here they can hone their skills before moving onto Texas Rising Stars.  The Chaparral Ice Development league runs mid-winter, through spring and summer.  However, players who are ready to go to Texas Rising Stars from the Learn to Play program can certainly do so.  

If you are interested in the Development League - please contact Chaz Henry at Chaparral Ice.  

If a player goes through the Development League and then decides they're ready to go onto the next level, they would register for the Texas Rising Stars (House League).  Link and information below.  

House League

Texas Rising Stars is the AMHA's house (rec) league.  There are no tryouts, but players are placed on teams in their appropriate age group.  The season consists of 2 practices per week plus games.  

Travel League

Texas Jr. Stars is the AMHA's travel league.  Tryouts occur every summer before the upcoming season.  The season consists of 3 practices per week plus games.  Some games are local, while others are throughout Texas (Dallas, San Antonio, Houston).  There are usually 2-3 out of state tournaments as well.