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Important update

Two games this Sunday (and next)

With the odd number of teams in our league, every team has to occasionally play two games on a Sunday.  The schedule skipped over us a few weeks ago, so now it it being corrected.

This coming Sunday we play two games, one at or just before lunch time (at the Barn), and the other at 4:30 at Chaparral Ice.  The same will be true next weekend (December 16), as well.

To ensure the best results, please do the following things:

  • RSVP for both games on a particular weekend as soon as possible.  Other teams have run into difficulty getting subs for games when they have players out.
  • Properly hydrating will help them recover between games quicker.  That means being hydrated (but not waterlogged) beforehand, and sipping on water during the game.
  • Sports drinks, juices, and milk are excellent for right after the final buzzer.  We usually go with 8-12oz of high protein milk and a 20oz Powerade (includes B vitamins). 
  • Feed your kid a sensible meal between games.  Protein, carbs, and moderate amount of fats.  Avoid larger meals less than 3 hours before a game.
  • We'll do a static stretch briefly after the game, but encourage them to do it again it at home Sunday night.

These guidelines should help the perform their best (and minimize recovery time afterwards).

Important Announcements for Penguins

"Dibs" for volunteer points

The webmaster has added "Dibs" for several activities related to our team. 

Please note:  We're really just looking for "Penalty Box monitors." 

Brendan and I will cover the locker room monitoring, so there is no need for a parent to volunteer. 

Additionally, I think the boys have outgrown "Snacks."  If you folks really want to do that, I guess we could.  Just let me know.

League News

13th Practice

Monday, December 10


7:30-8:30 PM

Please arrive at 6:55 for stretch and chalk talk.

The Pond

Our model

Encourage your player to watch these highlights (both teams).  With the "gear" icon on YouTube, he can slow the action down to 0.75x speed to see the plays develop better.

Keys to watch:

  • Maintaining possession:  Protecting the puck by moving away from the net, toward open ice, until a better play is available.
  • Rotation:  Defenders becoming part of the attack and forwards covering for them.
  • Changing the point of attack:  Moving the puck quickly from the right side to the left side (and vice versa) to get it to a player in open space.
  • Off-hand shooting:  Left-handers shooting from the right side and right-handers shooting on the left side

Changing the Game -- for parents (and coaches)