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Team Party?

Parents, do we want to have a team party after the playoff game March 3rd?  If we win, we play again that evening at 6:15 PM.  But if we lose, that would be our last game. 

Trying to do this a different day would be difficult for Carson and Hayden, living so far from the rink.

The schedule currently says we have the Pond to ourselves the next day, so we'll definitely have at least one more time on the ice as a team.  I don't think a team party would work that night.

If Sunday March 3rd sounds good, let's get the planning going.  The boys will be off the ice shortly after noon.  We could go to a pizza place (or just have pizza delivered) or some other joint that won't mind the aroma of hockey players.

Please discuss this amongst all of the parents at Wednesday's practice.  Thanks.

Double header weekend

After 4 games in 2 days, this should be easy

We wrap up the regular season this Sunday with 2 games:  12:30 PM vs the Bruins and 4:30 vs the Blackhawks.  We started playing faster, with more intensity by the end of the tournament.  Hopefully, that will carry over to the final 3 weeks of the season.

Important Announcements for Penguins

"Dibs" for volunteer points

The webmaster has added "Dibs" for several activities related to our team. 

Please note:  We're really just looking for "Penalty Box monitors." 

Brendan and I will cover the locker room monitoring, so there is no need for a parent to volunteer. 

Additionally, I think the boys have outgrown "Snacks."  If you folks really want to do that, I guess we could.  Just let me know.

League News

20th Practice

Monday, February 11


7:30-8:30 PM

Please arrive at 6:55 for stretch and chalk talk.


Our model

Encourage your player to watch these highlights (both teams).  With the "gear" icon on YouTube, he can slow the action down to 0.75x speed to see the plays develop better.

Keys to watch:

  • Maintaining possession:  Protecting the puck by moving away from the net, toward open ice, until a better play is available.
  • Rotation:  Defenders becoming part of the attack and forwards covering for them.
  • Changing the point of attack:  Moving the puck quickly from the right side to the left side (and vice versa) to get it to a player in open space.
  • Off-hand shooting:  Left-handers shooting from the right side and right-handers shooting on the left side

Changing the Game -- for parents (and coaches)

Old News

*Latest* Tournament STATUS (Feb 16-18)

Hudler has had to drop out due to another commitment.  We're picking up two Blackhawks (Drew Damon and Jackson Capra).   So there will be 11 skaters.  We'll be backstopped by a Dallas area goalie (maybe several).  The Blackhawk subs will skate with us at our next two practices.

Amanda is collecting reservation confirmation number to turn in to the tournament director.  We'll be staying at the Double Tree DFW South. 

There are 11 teams slated for the 14U house division.  I suspect that we'll be kept in 1 division and 2 brackets.  If so, we'll certainly be in a bracket with at least one other Austin team, but there's a chance we won't even play them.  I don't know the caliber of the other non-Austin teams.

If there are any questions, feel free to contact me.

  • IN:  Blunston, Buettner, Fertig, Johnson, Kanevski, Migliorin, Mitro, Phillips, Raczkowski, *Capra, *Damon
  • OUT:  McInerney, Harris, Hudler

Go Pens!